The Zahir

she needed a bit of freedom, to get out and about, to experience strong emotions. And what was wrong with that?

Excerpt From The Zahir by Paulo Coelho

Time and again the air we breathe in turns stale. Anywhere we move to or travel to it’s the same air that flows around yet the variation; stale and fresh. Have you ever wondered why so much of variation. The things that we loved so much starts irritating our nerves from a point. Strong relations either its business or personal needs retreat like the kids in the school. We are drained out of energy and doesn’t it bother you that we don’t have the supply of unlimited? Why are we so lonesome and why isn’t any amount of love enough? Why are we seeking soul in others and never calming the one we have? Why isn’t anything in our life valued? Why the people around us are so scared of being replacable?

In the world where we are learning the difference between selfishness and selflove – we are thoroughly mugging up the definition rather understanding the meaning itself. Investing money in the bank and love to a person is similar because they both don’t ask for any verification. But when you try and withdraw it, they go lengths to play hide and seek. It is easy to take things from people but it is tougher to do the same with others.

“The Zahir” by Paulo Coelho, raises similar kind of soul threatening questions. Zahir is an Arabic word that means “the obvious”. I am particularly not a fan of his books but this book left me with so many questions that I feel like I ought to find answers. Majority of us feel and raise every question stated in the book, I am damn sure about it.

The narrator comes home to find out that his wife, Esther has left him without a trace. The couples who frequently updated each other about their plans were disconnected form one side. He is heartbroken and the negativity surfaces his mind with theories he is trying to solve. He recollects the conversations they had at the ending days just so he could find a clue. He keeps digging and he comes up with a name called Mikhail. Out of ordinary, Mikhail meets the narrator at his book signing and after few days they start hanging out. In these sessions, the narrator learns a lot about his wife that he never knew she had. In one hand he is finding ways to find his wife while at the same time he is dating someone else. The first half of the books is quite interesting but the closer it comes to ending the shredded the things become. He eventually finds his wife and he understands how badly she wanted to be happy. In search of meaning in her life she went away from the fame and chaos.

When I completed the book, I felt like Esther. The part where answers should be found, it left more questions in my head. The reasoning of Esther were already hinted in the starting as the narrator stopped trying to know what she wants. We are so observed in ourself that we never try to see ourselves form other point of view. That is my understanding of the book. Honestly, investing time in this book would benefit people into spiritual guidance and spirituality. But for people like me who look for answer and reasoning in everything would be disappointed big time.

Rating: * * *

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Queen of Hearts 

Queen of Hearts

Poetry Chap book by Dipendra Tamang


Queen of hearts is a collection of thoughts and scribbling’s in form of free verse as well as rhyming poetry. As the title suggests, the inspiration to this wonderful collection is “She”. The poet believes “she” is a tough with beauty flowing in her aura. He has used metaphors like Unicorn tears, comparison how she is ice and how ice can be slippery, she comes in like hurricane and many more like such. Like knight of words, he has used verses to describe the beauty and strength, the power a women withholds, about love and lust and so on.

This collection is his first printed work and as a reader I must say, there are beautiful sections and lines so perfectly put down. I have jolted down few of those below. 


Sangria tears pave a molten trail

Down her cheeks as she laughs,

Intoxicating me

Like no fine wine ever could,

And as I kiss them away, 

Even the moon blushes red in anticipation.

The way she lifts my spirit,
Is what keeps me grounded 

With all my roots in her.
Ratings: * * * *

Reviewer Mayush. 


The Hunger Games 1 – 3

Hunger Games 1 – 3

Suzanne Collins

A game played to forage their hunger and all they need do as a payment was to kill the other human and let the Capitol be entertained. Capitol is an advanced city surrounded by 12 poor districts where people die due to starvation. Suzanne Collins has introduced a new world here in Hunger Games where the Capitol, who upholds all the power, chooses two people every year from each district for the murderous game. For this year, Prim and Peeta were choosen from district 12 but Katniss volunteers to take her sister’s place.

The trilogy is titled with The Hunger Games released on 2008, Catching Fire released on 2009 and the last book Mockingjay published on 2010. The first book introduces the characters and the hunger game begins. Living in the arena constructed by the Capitol they have to kill the other people to be the one living at the end. This book describes the whole arena scenario and declares the winner’s name at the end. In the second book, Catching Fire, Katniss and Peeta go for a victory tour around all the twelve districts. By the act that they performed at the end of the Hunger games, a rebellion had started and Katniss believes it was because of her. Every district slowly starts to stage uprising against the Capital and that is when President Snow threatens to finish Katniss’s family. Thenafter, Snow announces 75th edition of Hunger Games Quarter Quell where the previous victor fight to survive. Finally, the last book where the uprising takes place and Katniss goes to Capitol to kill President Snow.

I read this book on high recommendation and also because it was listed on the “100 books you should read before you die.” Personally, I liked the last book more. You’ll find less love story more rebellious actions that attracts more attention. Overall, I have rated the book with 4 stars. I would recommend to read this book as it one of the must read books.

Ratings: * * * *

The Power of your Subconscious Mind.

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind.

Dr. Joseph Murphy.

“There is power and intelligence within you.”

The title really got me reading this book. I have been always interested in “how our mind functions”. I was walking past this book vendor on the street of New road when I laid my eyes on it and I had to buy it. The whole thing is divided in to 20 different parts, much like a course book. The first 10 chapters are something that really knocks senses in you and makes you realize things that went wrong due to your bad thinking. All the chapters that follows are specific uses of mind in different field and it talks more about prayer and God.

Basically our mind is divided into two i.e. conscious mind “the reasoning mind” whereas subconscious mind that accepts what is impressed upon it.

“If u think good; good will follow.

If you think evil; evil will follow.”

Our subconscious mind is the captain of our ship – our body, environment we live and all the affairs that follows. Our subconscious mind takes the order that we give and based on that our mind believes and accepts as true.

“Change your thought and change your destiny.”

Subconscious doesn’t know how to take a joke. If we accept a negative thought on ourself, the subconscious works to make it true. When we feel physically and mentally disturbed; it interferes with our normal functioning. In order to stir our thought process, we need to let go and relax. Every part of our being, our idea, vitality, financial condition, friends and social status is a perfect reflection of ourselves. According to the book, they believe that within our subconscious mind lies the infinite power and wisdom, a part is solely divided to talk about it “The treasure house within us.” Furthermore, the author has described about Law of mind and the duality of mind. Likewise, they have mentioned “Faith healing” and “Thank you technique” as methods of mental healing.

One statement summarizes the whole course, i.e. “Your subconscious mind accepts what you really feel to be true, not just idle words or statements.”

Here below I have mentioned few of my favorites:


Every thought is a cause and every condition is an effect.”


“As within, so without

As above, so below.”

“Your strongest instinct is the most potent of all autosuggestions.”


“Remember that you lose what you condemn,

You cannot attract what you criticize.”

“There is no such thing as a free lunch. You must give to receive. If you give mental attention to your goals, ideals and enterprise, your deepest mind will back you up.”


Reviewer Mayush.

Ratings: *  *  *


Broken Dreams

Broken Dreams

Kelly Elliott

“Broken Dreams” is part two of BROKEN written by Kelly Elliot. It is all about love and romance.

“I’m going to fight for her love even if I have to fight for it for the rest of my life.”

Courtney and Reed are madly in love yet they’re scared of accepting it. Both of them are haunted by their past and the story reels on how they step into their present. The story starts with Courtneys’ prom excitement turning into a nightmare when the guy she had crush

on, Noah, forces himself into her and bursts her dream of the Prince charming concept. The incident keeps haunting her for years until she meets Reed Nikolaus Moore, Courtney’s bestfriends’ bestfriend. He changes her life forever and restores her belief in the existence of love. After resisting their feelings for each other, Courtney and Reed held hands.

Broken Dreams is no less than a fairytale. It is such a beautiful love story where the Price Charming comes on a horse and saves her from the hurt of the world.

I wonder if such kinda love really prevails. The plot goes smooth like a truck on a pitched road and bam the heartbreaking moment and then all candies and happiness. Broken dreams is about how people in love fight for each other, how they survive the fear of losing the other and yet they make it to the very end. A happily ever after story that makes you cry and smile at the same time.


Rating: * * * * * 




Cecelia Ahern

Lyrebird is an Australian bird that mimics natural and artificial sounds.

Bo and Solomon, a couple, working together in the field of making documentary. During their shoot for “The Toolin Twins” they come across a new subject, Laura. She stayed in the cottage between the forests and had the talent of mimicking any sounds around her. Bo was a very enthusiastic about her career and was working hard enough to make a good impression hereby with the new subject, Laura.


She sensed him before she smelled him, she smelled him before she saw him. She saw him before he saw her. She knew him before he knew her. He loved her before he kissed her.


A girl who lived in mountain for more than half of her life is taken to lights and fame. Laura and Solomon felt the connection the second they landed their eyes on each other but none of them were ready to accept. As the shooting started to travel on, they started understanding each other and Laura finds out about Solomon being in relationship with Bo. This book talks about what he chooses at the end of the day. With growing feelings for Solomon and the changes around the surrounding Lyrebird talks about deep connection and lines of fate.

Rating: * * *


I was here 

I was here. 

Gayle Formann

Cody’s bestfriend Meg was found dead in a motel. Meg drinks some industrial poison and ends her life. This event comes hard to Cody as she was the most important person in her life. With grief and pain locked in her heart, she sets to find the answers on why Meg killed herself and why did she never share the pain. In the journey she comes face to face with a different side of Meg that she was unaware about. The hidden truths unhinges with blames pouring down the holes.

The opening with long funerals and thoughts running Cody’s head and she moving to Tacoma to bring back Meg’s belongings kicks off the story. With simplicity the book is good. I just felt, a little more descriptive way of unfolding the secrets would have supported the mystery it had kept all the along.
Ratings: * * *


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow.

-J.K Rowling

“Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real.” – Albus Dumbledore.

Harry Potter and the Deadly Hollows is the seventh and the last book in the famous Harry Potter series that begins with Voldemort and his Death Eaters having a meeting at Malfoy Manor. They are planning on how to kidnap Harry during his removal from 4 Privet Drive. Moreover, this part involves the trio on a journey to end Voldemort, the journey Harry and Dumbledore had set out to do. This is the part where war breaks out between good and evil. A flow of losses and gains are registered.

The sign of Deathly Hallow consists of Elder wand, invisible cloak and Resurrection stone. It is our choice that shows what we truly are far more than our abilities. Believe there is good in the world and the universe would plan the journey as such, believe that the world has only given you sadness and so will it. We are always taught to do good, be good and the good will come to us. Harry Potter and its series has summed up the everyday lesson we learn.

Written by Mayush

Rating: * * * * *

Paragraph 57: 

The river sounded like AM station, whistling and rumbling on its own. Thoughts of many passed while it carried the souls of people in love, pain and shame. In all of the things and meta-things it carried, I still found it beautiful. It transmitted many secrets and yet whistled it to itself. The skies circulated beyond the hills were depressing because it seemed so calm like moments before a hurricane. The silence freaked people out but I found it heart-warming. I could hear you talking to me in waves. Whilst in deep sleep, I could hear the waves cry. But I always believed it was you who was reaching out to me. The stories everyone thought; you took away with yourself. But, I knew. The reason you went away as I stand by the water the words floats on it. The lies that pushed you into death. The tangled secrets that hanged you between evils that never knew your name.
– Mayush 

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