Cecelia Ahern

Lyrebird is an Australian bird that mimics natural and artificial sounds.

Bo and Solomon, a couple, working together in the field of making documentary. During their shoot for “The Toolin Twins” they come across a new subject, Laura. She stayed in the cottage between the forests and had the talent of mimicking any sounds around her. Bo was a very enthusiastic about her career and was working hard enough to make a good impression hereby with the new subject, Laura.


She sensed him before she smelled him, she smelled him before she saw him. She saw him before he saw her. She knew him before he knew her. He loved her before he kissed her.


A girl who lived in mountain for more than half of her life is taken to lights and fame. Laura and Solomon felt the connection the second they landed their eyes on each other but none of them were ready to accept. As the shooting started to travel on, they started understanding each other and Laura finds out about Solomon being in relationship with Bo. This book talks about what he chooses at the end of the day. With growing feelings for Solomon and the changes around the surrounding Lyrebird talks about deep connection and lines of fate.

Rating: * * *


I was here 

I was here. Gayle Formann

Cody’s bestfriend Meg was found dead in a motel. Meg drinks some industrial poison and ends her life. This event comes hard to Cody as she was the most important person in her life. With grief and pain locked in her heart, she sets to find the answers on why Meg killed herself and why did she never share the pain. In the journey she comes face to face with a different side of Meg that she was unaware about. The hidden truths unhinges with blames pouring down the holes. 

The opening with long funerals and thoughts running Cody’s head and she moving to Tacoma to bring back Meg’s belongings kicks off the story. With simplicity the book is good. I just felt, a little more descriptive way of unfolding the secrets would have supported the mystery it had kept all the along. 
Ratings: * * *

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow.

-J.K Rowling

“Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real.” – Albus Dumbledore.

Harry Potter and the Deadly Hollows is the seventh and the last book in the famous Harry Potter series that begins with Voldemort and his Death Eaters having a meeting at Malfoy Manor. They are planning on how to kidnap Harry during his removal from 4 Privet Drive. Moreover, this part involves the trio on a journey to end Voldemort, the journey Harry and Dumbledore had set out to do. This is the part where war breaks out between good and evil. A flow of losses and gains are registered.

The sign of Deathly Hallow consists of Elder wand, invisible cloak and Resurrection stone. It is our choice that shows what we truly are far more than our abilities. Believe there is good in the world and the universe would plan the journey as such, believe that the world has only given you sadness and so will it. We are always taught to do good, be good and the good will come to us. Harry Potter and its series has summed up the everyday lesson we learn.

Written by Mayush

Rating: * * * * *

Paragraph 57: 

The river sounded like AM station, whistling and rumbling on its own. Thoughts of many passed while it carried the souls of people in love, pain and shame. In all of the things and meta-things it carried, I still found it beautiful. It transmitted many secrets and yet whistled it to itself. The skies circulated beyond the hills were depressing because it seemed so calm like moments before a hurricane. The silence freaked people out but I found it heart-warming. I could hear you talking to me in waves. Whilst in deep sleep, I could hear the waves cry. But I always believed it was you who was reaching out to me. The stories everyone thought; you took away with yourself. But, I knew. The reason you went away as I stand by the water the words floats on it. The lies that pushed you into death. The tangled secrets that hanged you between evils that never knew your name.
– Mayush 

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Journal on Passion Workshop

Passion Workshop: The Silent Conversation.

Venue: Zoo Coffee, Tao Jin, Guangzhou.

Date: 2017-06-19

Speaker: Ariana Lombardi (Poet and Artist)

I went to this Silent Conversation workshop on Monday, all by myself. I deserve a round of applause because I normally don’t perform these kinds of stunts especially when I know there are going to be people I have never seen. New people frighten me a lot. The venue was about 20 min walk from my house, only if you walk fast but anyway I took a bus. This Passion Workshop was organized by Global Friendship, a group started by foreigner living in Guangzhou with a purpose of finding artistic something. Continue reading “Journal on Passion Workshop”

Paragraph 56:

You smile and I have lost the last piece of grip I had held to. I had seldom tasted anything this mouth numbing. You smell like the daisies in the early spring and taste like fine wine poured right out the barrel. I surrender to your breath and melt with your voice. My heart races and all I hope is that you don’t hear it. You look at me with mischiefs planned in your head. Continue reading “Paragraph 56:”

The Year I Met You.

We are too busy in running the race of the world that most of us have no idea about what they want in their life or what they want out of life. We are just chasing it until someone asks us to stop. Then, when we stop and look around we don’t exactly know where we belong. Life is too hectic these days that the surrounding keeps changing yet we never seem to notice the change.

Continue reading “The Year I Met You.”

Paragraph 54:

I’ll tell you, I really haven’t mastered the art of self-love.

The surreal thoughts dancing in my head hasn’t stopped

waking me in the middle of the night. But I am trying,

I’ve been trying. Even though my insecurities are binding up,

I am accounting the fact that makes me different. Continue reading “Paragraph 54:”

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