Without Merit

“Without Merit”

Colleen Hoover

“The same two things could happen to two people, but that doesn’t mean they would experience the exact same stress over it. We all have different levels of stress that we’re accustomed to. You probably felt the same amount of stress over your family situation as I sometimes do about mine, even though they’re completely on different levels. But that doesn’t make you weaker. It doesn’t make you an asshole. We’re just two different people with two different experiences.” 

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Twenty Seventeen.

Written by Mayush 

It’s time of the year when we start recalling what we did for the whole 365 days. We count seconds we lost and hours we made full use of. We list the books we read and places we travelled to. We apologize to things we couldn’t accomplish and promise to mark it next year because at the end of the day, we never fail to procrastinate. Life basically like the roadway from Thankot to Gorkha, turns and hurdles, ups and downs. Continue reading “Twenty Seventeen.”

Paragraph 60:

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“Damn it. I love you so much, so much more everyday. I want to kiss you every morning as I rise and before every goodnight. I miss the breathe that froze my skin. Those fingers intertwined with mine. Have I told you that your love gives harder trip than the cocaine or drugs. Continue reading “Paragraph 60:”

Paragraph 59:

I sit with the empty papers spread infront of me. I stare at them while the inks are drying up. My throat feels sore and heart felt clutched. A wave is about to over flow while the roads are blocked. I shiver even before I realize, the humidity never felt this freezing at any given time. Continue reading “Paragraph 59:”

Paragraph 58:

She screamed in the top of her lungs clearing the fact that he loved the other girl, the one who made him happy. She stated all the conversation they had about how much that girl loved him. The fact that he loves her for being the way she is. Not because she somewhat looked like her, the one screaming. Continue reading “Paragraph 58:”

The Zahir

she needed a bit of freedom, to get out and about, to experience strong emotions. And what was wrong with that?

Excerpt From The Zahir by Paulo Coelho

Time and again the air we breathe in turns stale. Anywhere we move to or travel to it’s the same air that flows around yet the variation; stale and fresh. Have you ever wondered why so much of variation. The things that we loved so much starts irritating our nerves from a point. Continue reading “The Zahir”

Queen of Hearts 

Queen of Hearts

Poetry Chap book by Dipendra Tamang

Queen of hearts is a collection of thoughts and scribbling’s in form of free verse as well as rhyming poetry. As the title suggests, the inspiration to this wonderful collection is “She”. The poet believes “she” is a tough with beauty flowing in her aura. Continue reading “Queen of Hearts “

The Hunger Games 1 – 3

Hunger Games 1 – 3

Suzanne Collins

A game played to forage their hunger and all they need do as a payment was to kill the other human and let the Capitol be entertained. Capitol is an advanced city surrounded by 12 poor districts where people die due to starvation. Suzanne Collins has introduced a new world here in Hunger Games where the Capitol, who upholds all the power, chooses two people every year from each district for the murderous game. Continue reading “The Hunger Games 1 – 3”

The Power of your Subconscious Mind.

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind.

Dr. Joseph Murphy.

“There is power and intelligence within you.”

The title really got me reading this book. I have been always interested in “how our mind functions”. I was walking past this book vendor on the street of New road when I laid my eyes on it and I had to buy it. The whole thing is divided in to 20 different parts, much like a course book. The first 10 chapters are something that really knocks senses in you and makes you realize things that went wrong due to your bad thinking. Continue reading “The Power of your Subconscious Mind.”

Broken Dreams

Broken Dreams

Kelly Elliott

“Broken Dreams” is part two of BROKEN written by Kelly Elliot. It is all about love and romance.

“I’m going to fight for her love even if I have to fight for it for the rest of my life.”

Courtney and Reed are madly in love yet they’re scared of accepting it. Both of them are haunted by their past and the story reels on how they step into their present.  Continue reading “Broken Dreams”



Cecelia Ahern

Lyrebird is an Australian bird that mimics natural and artificial sounds.

Bo and Solomon, a couple, working together in the field of making documentary. During their shoot for “The Toolin Twins” they come across a new subject, Laura. She stayed in the cottage between the forests and had the talent of mimicking any sounds around her. Continue reading “Lyrebird”

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