Journal on Passion Workshop

Passion Workshop: The Silent Conversation.

Venue: Zoo Coffee, Tao Jin, Guangzhou.

Date: 2017-06-19

Speaker: Ariana Lombardi (Poet and Artist)

I went to this Silent Conversation workshop on Monday, all by myself. I deserve a round of applause because I normally don’t perform these kinds of stunts especially when I know there are going to be people I have never seen. New people frighten me a lot. The venue was about 20 min walk from my house, only if you walk fast but anyway I took a bus. This Passion Workshop was organized by Global Friendship, a group started by foreigner living in Guangzhou with a purpose of finding artistic something. Continue reading “Journal on Passion Workshop”

Final Goodbye

Day 3:

I was half awakened at 05:00 am because of the rain hitting the window. It had been raining since last night, right after we had stepped into our room. I thought our last day would be plain, as we have to cancel our plans because of the sudden change in the weather. But then with that thought I crept into my dreams. Then, a loud noise woke me up, which was my pal, Jenny’s alarm. Good morning the weather said as the rain had stopped but the clouds still covered the sky, not letting it to turn blue. We checked out at around 10:00 am, leaving our stuffs in the office and then marched to the KFC for our breakfast. After that,we walked back to our hostel and boarded a bus from the station right there and went to Yao Mountain. Continue reading “Final Goodbye”

Guilin: Day 2 (lost the old one)

We left for the “Reef Flute Cave” at 09:00 am, right after we had our breakfast. But then, we had to go back to hostel as we forgot to take the map. This place is so confusing that even while using the map we were somehow lost as the map seemed purely a fiction. At last, we had co-operate with Mr. Google. We wasted a lot of time w57.picaiting for the bus so we decided to take tuktuk.

Talking about The Reed flute Cave, it is one of the best tourist attractions in Guilin. I don’t exactly know why that name was given because I was drooling over the scenario when we entered, which is why I wasn’t paying attention to the girl who was explaining in sing-song way so cutely. Continue reading “Guilin: Day 2 (lost the old one)”

Journal on Gui Lin

Day 1:

With the ring of alarm in my ears, I woke up at 06:00 am, little late than the sun. I could smell the humidness in my room and feel the sticky sticker feeling in my body. A long day was awaiting my arrival while I was cross-starred with my belongings that were supposed to be packed. But, somehow I managed to untangle myself from the mess and was all ready to depart from my home. I arrived at Guangzhou Dong Zhan (Eat railway Station) a little late than Jenny. Jenny is like the technology, advance and fast. She is always early and I am always late. But this time we were three, so I wasn’t the last one. Continue reading “Journal on Gui Lin”

Working As Angel

“I am in favor of animal rights as well as human rights. That is the way of a whole human being” as, said by Abraham Lincoln. Working As Angel (WAA) is a non-governmental organization, established in 2011 for the sole purpose of helping and providing rights to the animals. However, with the progressing of the time we started to work on humans too but our main objective is still the same i.e. offering our hands to the voiceless creatures. It’s been two whole years that we started operating on a regular basis with active volunteers and updated information regarding animal adoption and aids as well as helping the people in need. Continue reading “Working As Angel”

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