Paragraph 60:

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“Damn it. I love you so much, so much more everyday. I want to kiss you every morning as I rise and before every goodnight. I miss the breathe that froze my skin. Those fingers intertwined with mine. Have I told you that your love gives harder trip than the cocaine or drugs. Continue reading “Paragraph 60:”

Paragraph 59:

I sit with the empty papers spread infront of me. I stare at them while the inks are drying up. My throat feels sore and heart felt clutched. A wave is about to over flow while the roads are blocked. I shiver even before I realize, the humidity never felt this freezing at any given time. Continue reading “Paragraph 59:”

Paragraph 58:

She screamed in the top of her lungs clearing the fact that he loved the other girl, the one who made him happy. She stated all the conversation they had about how much that girl loved him. The fact that he loves her for being the way she is. Not because she somewhat looked like her, the one screaming. Continue reading “Paragraph 58:”

Paragraph 56:

You smile and I have lost the last piece of grip I had held to. I had seldom tasted anything this mouth numbing. You smell like the daisies in the early spring and taste like fine wine poured right out the barrel. I surrender to your breath and melt with your voice. My heart races and all I hope is that you don’t hear it. You look at me with mischiefs planned in your head. Continue reading “Paragraph 56:”

Paragraph 54:

I’ll tell you, I really haven’t mastered the art of self-love.

The surreal thoughts dancing in my head hasn’t stopped

waking me in the middle of the night. But I am trying,

I’ve been trying. Even though my insecurities are binding up,

I am accounting the fact that makes me different. Continue reading “Paragraph 54:”

Paragraph 50:

How does this theorem work?

where the person who until yesterday,

didn’t have any idea about your existence,

gets to decide your worth.

– M A Y U S H

Paragraph 49:

I loved those pretty eyes of hers

But she would shy away every time

I tried to see.

For now I know,

She was saving me from miseries.

Cause if she would,

I would have known that

I wasn’t the one in her eyes.

– M A Y U S H

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