Paragraph 56:

You smile and I have lost the last piece of grip I had held to. I had seldom tasted anything this mouth numbing. You smell like the daisies in the early spring and taste like fine wine poured right out the barrel. I surrender to your breath and melt with your voice. My heart races and all I hope is that you don’t hear it. You look at me with mischiefs planned in your head. Continue reading “Paragraph 56:”

Paragraph 54:

I’ll tell you, I really haven’t mastered the art of self-love.

The surreal thoughts dancing in my head hasn’t stopped

waking me in the middle of the night. But I am trying,

I’ve been trying. Even though my insecurities are binding up,

I am accounting the fact that makes me different. Continue reading “Paragraph 54:”

Paragraph 50:

How does this theorem work?

where the person who until yesterday,

didn’t have any idea about your existence,

gets to decide your worth.

– M A Y U S H

Paragraph 49:

I loved those pretty eyes of hers

But she would shy away every time

I tried to see.

For now I know,

She was saving me from miseries.

Cause if she would,

I would have known that

I wasn’t the one in her eyes.

– M A Y U S H

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