Paragraph 57: 

The river sounded like AM station, whistling and rumbling on its own. Thoughts of many passed while it carried the souls of people in love, pain and shame. In all of the things and meta-things it carried, I still found it beautiful. It transmitted many secrets and yet whistled it to itself. The skies circulated beyond the hills were depressing because it seemed so calm like moments before a hurricane. Continue reading “Paragraph 57: “

Paragraph 18:

“Sucking my breath in by covering my mouth, I tried not to panic for what scene laid upon my eyes. My blocks of life I had created were crumbling down bits by bits, the way he undressed her tread by tread. I tumbled on the floor as my body got jammed and I was weightless somehow. They were laughing and cuddling, flesh touching each other. Continue reading “Paragraph 18:”


“My whole diary was covered with these monosyllabic forms in all different scripts I knew. Going through these pages felt like leaping out into the scorching heat. Sometime, there are always these deep-rooted scars that stays alike loose stiches. Once in a while, your darlings, at this trice, keep tripping over it. You run and save them for now but will we be able to do that always? Continue reading “Bygones.”

Paranoid Zone

“Flopping through the words and sentences I was enjoying the taste of storyline, when suddenly I felt this exhaustion slowly grasping me inside. I tried to blow it away, by trying so hard, to focus on the line where I left but this fatigue got so distracting. While trying to flag down a mosquito we supposedly clamp our hands, I felt like being in the same situation but I had the terror like the mosquitos had. As if something is irksome to flag me down. Continue reading “Paranoid Zone”

Miss Me..


“One day you’ll wake up and miss me. Miss my love and how things used to be. But by then I’ll be long gone, so far, beyond your reach. Even googling wouldn’t work. Perhaps then you’ll miss me bad, really bad. So bad that you would want to put your hands into your thoughts and pull me out and caress me. Nonetheless I’ll be long gone, like the clouds after the downpour. Continue reading “Miss Me..”

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