I was here 

I was here. 

Gayle Formann

Cody’s bestfriend Meg was found dead in a motel. Meg drinks some industrial poison and ends her life. This event comes hard to Cody as she was the most important person in her life. With grief and pain locked in her heart, she sets to find the answers on why Meg killed herself and why did she never share the pain. In the journey she comes face to face with a different side of Meg that she was unaware about. The hidden truths unhinges with blames pouring down the holes.

The opening with long funerals and thoughts running Cody’s head and she moving to Tacoma to bring back Meg’s belongings kicks off the story. With simplicity the book is good. I just felt, a little more descriptive way of unfolding the secrets would have supported the mystery it had kept all the along.
Ratings: * * *


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