Journal on Passion Workshop

Passion Workshop: The Silent Conversation.

Venue: Zoo Coffee, Tao Jin, Guangzhou.

Date: 2017-06-19

Speaker: Ariana Lombardi (Poet and Artist)

I went to this Silent Conversation workshop on Monday, all by myself. I deserve a round of applause because I normally don’t perform these kinds of stunts especially when I know there are going to be people I have never seen. New people frighten me a lot. The venue was about 20 min walk from my house, only if you walk fast but anyway I took a bus. This Passion Workshop was organized by Global Friendship, a group started by foreigner living in Guangzhou with a purpose of finding artistic something. They mentioned but I forgot. So the speaker was a Poet and Writer, Ms. Ariana Lombardi. Don’t even bother looking up in Instagram she is not there. I checked.

So coming to the point, the workshop. We were to sit next to one person so we could be paired up. And I was sitting next to a Ukrainian girl who happens to be a model, which I knew when I came back home. I have a good stalking skill, you see. Kidding! I saw her Wechat moments later on. Well, We were given three sets of questions one after the other. In between those distribution of sets we had to make a conversation but without talking. Basically, We had to write and show it to our partner. I was fine with it because I am really awkward when it comes to establishing a conversation. But looking at her answer, I could make out that if we were to talk she would do the majority of talking with common sense. She was beautiful, indeed. I don’t know why I mentioned it but anyway.

For people who like talking, this writing thing really got frustrating and some of the participants agreed to that. I was literally fine with it. One word answer and I am done there. First set was choosing one or the other and give reasons if your partner asks for it. Second set was a bit like spiritual maybe. For e.g. what makes you happy and stuffs. And lastly, the third part was personal regarding your thoughts and opinion on yourself. You don’t want to guess my answer. I was only honest in the third part and in other two I made up the answer because I don’t know. I was confident when I wrote it but when I reviewed it “the liar” gong ringed. (laughs)

She, Ariana, talked about how you can write poems and create your own art. It was something new to learn because I never did that. I always write whatsoever comes in my head. And I should really try this trick and try it when the writers’ block hits my brain cells.

Well, the thing is, you have to write a journal or maybe anything that is running in your head or you can read a book. Then, pick the words that speaks to you or say catches your eye. After that, write it in another sheet and do the wordplay or punctuation play. Arrange it according to your choice. You can use the same words you picked or you can add up new ones. Easy. Re-read it after two or three days and you can find out what it is that it is trying to say. Well, most writers do that.

Talking about the participants, there were teachers, artist, writers, model and normal person who never wrote a poem. There was a Transwomen and her poem was exactly what I was expecting out of her. She is looking for a place to belong and you can feel her pain. The set exercise then a little note about poetry and then the recitation. Guess what! I didn’t recite mine. I wasn’t happy with what I wrote. Easy excuse and secondly I was scared to stand there.

Lastly, the discussion about what you think about the “Silent Conversation.” Some said that they felt like they were being listened to. No one could interrupt and the reader should to go through what you have noted in that conversation. Moreover, the questions helped us to know about each other. We don’t ask question like that. Something like: What makes you happy? What do you think about yourself and stuffs like that? We never go into deep conversation. Every time it is surface talk, as I call it. Why is it? Have you ever thought? Because we feel vulnerable. What if the other person finds out too much about us?

I’ll tell you what I felt about it. This whole thing got me thinking. I was really thinking about decisions I made lately. Whatsoever thing I walked out on, did I really do it because I was uncomfortable? Is it really true that my friends or people I talk to are reflection of me? If so why do I get mad when I am compared? Why am I always looking down on myself? Why do I think of giving up time and again? What makes it so easy?

However, I learned one more thing: “You don’t have to be broken or sad or depressed to be a writer. You can be a language lover and still be a great poet and writer.” I was happy to hear that. So guys write and let the word play begin.


If you reached till the end of this Journal, Please do inbox me with answer for the following question. Thank you so much.


“Who do you think you are?”



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