Cecelia Ahern

Lyrebird is an Australian bird that mimics natural and artificial sounds.

Bo and Solomon, a couple, working together in the field of making documentary. During their shoot for “The Toolin Twins” they come across a new subject, Laura. She stayed in the cottage between the forests and had the talent of mimicking any sounds around her. Bo was a very enthusiastic about her career and was working hard enough to make a good impression hereby with the new subject, Laura.


She sensed him before she smelled him, she smelled him before she saw him. She saw him before he saw her. She knew him before he knew her. He loved her before he kissed her.


A girl who lived in mountain for more than half of her life is taken to lights and fame. Laura and Solomon felt the connection the second they landed their eyes on each other but none of them were ready to accept. As the shooting started to travel on, they started understanding each other and Laura finds out about Solomon being in relationship with Bo. This book talks about what he chooses at the end of the day. With growing feelings for Solomon and the changes around the surrounding Lyrebird talks about deep connection and lines of fate.

Rating: * * *


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