Paragraph 57: 

The river sounded like AM station, whistling and rumbling on its own. Thoughts of many passed while it carried the souls of people in love, pain and shame. In all of the things and meta-things it carried, I still found it beautiful. It transmitted many secrets and yet whistled it to itself. The skies circulated beyond the hills were depressing because it seemed so calm like moments before a hurricane. The silence freaked people out but I found it heart-warming. I could hear you talking to me in waves. Whilst in deep sleep, I could hear the waves cry. But I always believed it was you who was reaching out to me. The stories everyone thought; you took away with yourself. But, I knew. The reason you went away as I stand by the water the words floats on it. The lies that pushed you into death. The tangled secrets that hanged you between evils that never knew your name.
– Mayush

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