Paranoid Zone

“Flopping through the words and sentences I was enjoying the taste of storyline, when suddenly I felt this exhaustion slowly grasping me inside. I tried to blow it away, by trying so hard, to focus on the line where I left but this fatigue got so distracting. While trying to flag down a mosquito we supposedly clamp our hands, I felt like being in the same situation but I had the terror like the mosquitos had. As if something is irksome to flag me down. And slowly this enervation took me over like a new soul entering my body. Sense of terror crawled in my skin and I felt breathless, like those after a long run. It was terrorizing so I wanted to be hugged so that I could shrug it off but I went to a state of delusion. I saw a shadow running across the hall and my body gave the liberty to be paranoid. And the entire notion came rushing like those memories that were blocked. I suddenly wanted to smash things, throw stuffs, let out a big yelp and pull my hairs. It was so exhausting,you see. And every time I read this journal I can weep all over again.”

© Mayush

Photo Credit JennyohHyun

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