Queen of Hearts 

Queen of Hearts

Poetry Chap book by Dipendra Tamang

Queen of hearts is a collection of thoughts and scribbling’s in form of free verse as well as rhyming poetry. As the title suggests, the inspiration to this wonderful collection is “She”. The poet believes “she” is a tough with beauty flowing in her aura. He has used metaphors like Unicorn tears, comparison how she is ice and how ice can be slippery, she comes in like hurricane and many more like such. Like knight of words, he has used verses to describe the beauty and strength, the power a women withholds, about love and lust and so on.

This collection is his first printed work and as a reader I must say, there are beautiful sections and lines so perfectly put down. I have jolted down few of those below.


Sangria tears pave a molten trail

Down her cheeks as she laughs,

Intoxicating me

Like no fine wine ever could,

And as I kiss them away,

Even the moon blushes red in anticipation.

The way she lifts my spirit,
Is what keeps me grounded

With all my roots in her.
Ratings: * * * *

Reviewer Mayush.


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