The Hunger Games 1 – 3

Hunger Games 1 – 3

Suzanne Collins

A game played to forage their hunger and all they need do as a payment was to kill the other human and let the Capitol be entertained. Capitol is an advanced city surrounded by 12 poor districts where people die due to starvation. Suzanne Collins has introduced a new world here in Hunger Games where the Capitol, who upholds all the power, chooses two people every year from each district for the murderous game. For this year, Prim and Peeta were choosen from district 12 but Katniss volunteers to take her sister’s place.

The trilogy is titled with The Hunger Games released on 2008, Catching Fire released on 2009 and the last book Mockingjay published on 2010. The first book introduces the characters and the hunger game begins. Living in the arena constructed by the Capitol they have to kill the other people to be the one living at the end. This book describes the whole arena scenario and declares the winner’s name at the end. In the second book, Catching Fire, Katniss and Peeta go for a victory tour around all the twelve districts. By the act that they performed at the end of the Hunger games, a rebellion had started and Katniss believes it was because of her. Every district slowly starts to stage uprising against the Capital and that is when President Snow threatens to finish Katniss’s family. Thenafter, Snow announces 75th edition of Hunger Games Quarter Quell where the previous victor fight to survive. Finally, the last book where the uprising takes place and Katniss goes to Capitol to kill President Snow.

I read this book on high recommendation and also because it was listed on the “100 books you should read before you die.” Personally, I liked the last book more. You’ll find less love story more rebellious actions that attracts more attention. Overall, I have rated the book with 4 stars. I would recommend to read this book as it one of the must read books.

Ratings: * * * *

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