The Year I Met You.

We are too busy in running the race of the world that most of us have no idea about what they want in their life or what they want out of life. We are just chasing it until someone asks us to stop. Then, when we stop and look around we don’t exactly know where we belong. Life is too hectic these days that the surrounding keeps changing yet we never seem to notice the change.

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The Year I Met You, is a story about two characters Jasmine and Matt Marshall who like many of us are unaware about the changes that might stop them and make them think about what they want. The book is tagged under Romance, however I think it should be more into the side of Soul searching category. The story is first person narrated, Jasmine. In her life two things are important to her: her sister Heather who has Down Syndrome and her work. Likewise, Matt Marshall has two important things: family and alcohol. Jasmine gets fired and gets on a gardening leave for a year while Matt is fired after a controversial show. Going through the leave, they both end up being friends even though they loathed each other at first. Jasmine finds love while Matt gets his family back after losing them because of alcohol.

The conclusion is, it is not always falling in love that lets you to know yourself. Even with steps of friendship one can explore ones’ thought and glance towards a new horizon. I found it a bit of a disappointment because the book starts with a brief childhood moment about Jasmine meant to die. But then it turns out to be a whole lot different. The way the story flows; it really does keep you intact. But then, BOOM.

Rating: * *

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