The Zahir

she needed a bit of freedom, to get out and about, to experience strong emotions. And what was wrong with that?

Excerpt From The Zahir by Paulo Coelho

Time and again the air we breathe in turns stale. Anywhere we move to or travel to it’s the same air that flows around yet the variation; stale and fresh. Have you ever wondered why so much of variation. The things that we loved so much starts irritating our nerves from a point. Strong relations either its business or personal needs retreat like the kids in the school. We are drained out of energy and doesn’t it bother you that we don’t have the supply of unlimited? Why are we so lonesome and why isn’t any amount of love enough? Why are we seeking soul in others and never calming the one we have? Why isn’t anything in our life valued? Why the people around us are so scared of being replacable?

In the world where we are learning the difference between selfishness and selflove – we are thoroughly mugging up the definition rather understanding the meaning itself. Investing money in the bank and love to a person is similar because they both don’t ask for any verification. But when you try and withdraw it, they go lengths to play hide and seek. It is easy to take things from people but it is tougher to do the same with others.

“The Zahir” by Paulo Coelho, raises similar kind of soul threatening questions. Zahir is an Arabic word that means “the obvious”. I am particularly not a fan of his books but this book left me with so many questions that I feel like I ought to find answers. Majority of us feel and raise every question stated in the book, I am damn sure about it.

The narrator comes home to find out that his wife, Esther has left him without a trace. The couples who frequently updated each other about their plans were disconnected form one side. He is heartbroken and the negativity surfaces his mind with theories he is trying to solve. He recollects the conversations they had at the ending days just so he could find a clue. He keeps digging and he comes up with a name called Mikhail. Out of ordinary, Mikhail meets the narrator at his book signing and after few days they start hanging out. In these sessions, the narrator learns a lot about his wife that he never knew she had. In one hand he is finding ways to find his wife while at the same time he is dating someone else. The first half of the books is quite interesting but the closer it comes to ending the shredded the things become. He eventually finds his wife and he understands how badly she wanted to be happy. In search of meaning in her life she went away from the fame and chaos.

When I completed the book, I felt like Esther. The part where answers should be found, it left more questions in my head. The reasoning of Esther were already hinted in the starting as the narrator stopped trying to know what she wants. We are so observed in ourself that we never try to see ourselves form other point of view. That is my understanding of the book. Honestly, investing time in this book would benefit people into spiritual guidance and spirituality. But for people like me who look for answer and reasoning in everything would be disappointed big time.

Rating: * * *

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